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Immigrants helping immigrants

We are a Christian association striving for peace, leadership, and development. We start by walking new immigrants through their legalization process, and connect them to other local support services.


Founder's Statement

Many years ago, when I arrived in America seeking asylum, I had only a high school diploma.  Today, I am working to be accepted into a PhD program in Public Administration at the University of Southern Maine. My experience is not unique; all immigrant groups, including those whose members typically arrive in the United States with low levels of education, show strong intergenerational progress in educational attainment, and second-generation Americans from most groups meet or exceed the education levels attained by the children of native-born Americans.
Abroad, populations who take education seriously are pulling their country of origins out of corruption and guiding them towards accountability. In the past African nations have failed because their leaders believe that these countries belong to them.  But there is a movement echoing to fight the commodification of Africa by its governments, led by the diaspora who understand the importance of education. Our team of lawyers and volunteers rally behind immigrants who live in Maine, USA to work hard, establish  and educate themselves.  The statistics show that immigrants who study in America prefer to go back and help their countries of origine. 
— Shonda Okonda


Featured Services

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Legal Forms & Documents Guidance

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Cultural Mentorship

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Free Ride for Immigrants

Volunteers Packing Food

Shonda Okonda

"Education is a human right, going to a better school should also be a human right!"