Who We Are

We are a non-profit network of immigrants based in Portland, Maine. We understand that the American society we enjoy is a direct product of multi-generational immigration, and that this same process persists today. So today, we’re doing our part to guide new immigrants through the legal and cultural obstacles they may encounter on their journey to becoming self-sufficient citizens.


Our Mission

"We are immigrants helping immigrants."
— Monica Lukusa, President

We believe that immigrants who have made the often desperate journey to the United States, fleeing violence and persecution in Africa or elsewhere, need our support. We understand what these immigrants are going through, because we have walked in their shoes.

Our work focuses on helping immigrants achieve self-sufficiency. Through education, and by connecting with Maine’s social programs, we give immigrants the tools they need to control their own futures in America.

And we know that our efforts are not in vain. Compared with the U.S.-born population, immigrants are about as likely to hold bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees, though this varies by country of origin. In 2016, 30.0% of immigrants ages 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 31.6% of U.S. born citizens. It is clear to us that the people we serve want to better themselves and their new country—we simply provide them with the tools to begin their journey.


What We Do

We help the newest members of our community integrate by providing them with adequate resources—first through legal mentorship during their immigration process, but by providing contacts to such shelters, housing assistance, transportation, interpretation and translation services, and employment services.

We also advise immigrants about the importance of obeying the laws in the United State of America.  Immigration is very complex in the United States; so we seek experienced immigration lawyers to represent our families and friends when necessary.