Our Services


Legal Forms & Document Guidance

We can help you obtain Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Certificates of Inheritance, Deportation Travel Documents, Permits for Corpse transportation, and more from your governments of origin. We also can assist in filing for asylum filing, or for work authorization upon entering the United States.

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In an informal and welcoming environment, we introduce immigrants and refugees in rural communities to cultural practices, language, and resources available in the U.S. so they can successfully integrate into schools, workplaces, and communities. We can arrange for private mentorship sessions, and are beginning to arrange small group workshops. Check our events in the future for workshop listings.

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Food Donation Shuttle

With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for meeting our community’s basic needs. Our food donation shuttle program can carry food from donors to communities and centers that need them most.

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CAPLD gains access to a large pool of talented, capable workers who have partnered with us in our educational, legal, and community service programs. We can recommend workers whose talents have been revealed through extensive working relationships. Get in touch to be connected to our pool of talent.

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Free Ride Service

We coordinate free transportation for immigrants within 20 miles, to get them wherever they may need to go in service of establishing themselves in the community. We believe that with access to transportation and other resources, people can pursue their own dreams and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential.